A Wonderful and Thoughtful Gift Idea

One of the wonderful things that happens around Framing 508 is that customers not only get their framing needs met but also have custom made art. Just a couple of weeks ago Susan, a lovely lady and longtime Framing 508 client, decided to commission our very own “In House Artist” Alfredo Mujica (very well known around town for his spontaneously funny caricatures and his colorful, futuristic original paintings) to paint a couple of portraits of her prized pets MAXIE (a cute little Chihuahua) and MICKEY (a handsome black and white cat). Susan volunteered a few snapshots of the pets for Alfredo to work from but he, preferring to work from his own photographs, did a free photo-session of the pets at Susan’s cozy home. Maxie was a total ham for the camera and fine pictures were quickly had but Mickey, the big, handsome cat would have nothing of photo shoots. After Susan and Alfredo trying every trick in the book, Alfredo smiled saying to Susan “we got him.” A few days later Susan came to the shop to view her pet’s portraits. Alfredo was present with his art supplies because he has a money back guarantee for any client who does not absolutely love his work and is willing to make any changes the customer desires. Susan came through the door and her big smile said it all as she contemplated the stunningly life-like works of art that she was now a proud owner of. Alfredo said “Well Susan, is there anything you’d like changed, anything I can… fix?”, Susan walked slowly towards Alfredo and smilingly kissed him on the cheek. “They are wonderful Alfredo” she exclaimed. Recently Susan took the portraits of Maxie and Mickey to church to show her friends and they too were amazed at not only the beauty of the art but also surprised at the affordability of such work by a fine artist like Alfredo.


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