New Accessories for Your Home

In between designing some beautiful frames for all my wonderful customers and diligently getting the frame orders completed, I’ve created new items from the leftover frame material. It’s that creative ‘recycle and re-use’ syndrome.
A dear friend of mine gave me the idea of making trivets. I looked at my extra stock and decided what would work well for the designs. Another friend of mine had a large collection of wine corks and donated a bag of them. Everything came together to create these exceptional trivets, surely to add elegance to your dining table.
While wandering through a craft store, I found cans of chalkboard paint, not only in black but in a variety of colors. Creative wheels started turning again. I’ve started with this design using a Shaker-style frame in a cherry wood. There is a nice little ledge for the chalk to sit and the eraser can rest on the hooks. Another idea would be to attach the eraser with a ribbon to a hook so you can use the hooks for your keys or your furry companion’s leash. Wait till you see what I have in mind for a child’s chalkboard.
All of these items are at the Gallery but you can also check out what is available at my Etsy Shop online at:
Once there, you’ll find framed prints, originals and accessories for sale.


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